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I’m Jonathan,

the brains behind almost $1B of real estate sales over the past 4 years.

I’m Jonathan Cassady, founder of Mammoth Insights and former Director of Research and Analytics at a global luxury real estate brokerage, overseeing a department achieving nearly $1B in annual sales volume. My background includes deep market analysis, development planning (from acquisition to disposition), marketing, strategic planning, and much more. Leveraging this experience, I’m committed to ensuring your success whether you’re developing a new high rise, planning a townhome community, or as a fellow agent looking to grow your business.

Our Services

Feasibility Study

Customized for each client, our feasibility studies usually include:

1. In-depth market and economic analysis (including planned developments)

2. Identifying major demand drivers

3. Conclusions and recommendations on the proposed development’s viability

Market Research

Market Research can take many forms.

The most common are:

1. Quarterly Macro/Micro Market Reports

2. Individual Area Reports

3. New Development Reports

4. CMAs (comparative market analysis)

Systems Integration

Real Estate relies on multiple parties, each with multiple systems.

Our job is to bring it all under one roof- one hub for all communication, all files, and all timelines.

We utilize an array of software and AI to recommend and construct the optimal solution for your goals.

Design & Unit Mix

New developments benefit immensely from in-depth data analysis and local market knowledge—providing the basis for recommendations on unit mix, floorplan design, finish selections, and everything in between.

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